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Exceedingly fun photoshoot last night with my best buds. 

Dramatic drive home from school yesterday. 



n. A lustrous rainbowlike play of color caused by differential refraction of light waves that tends to change as the angle of view changes 


"Star Stuff" by Rose Turner. 8/3/14

"This is Water". Check out the brilliant speech by David Foster Wallace that inspired this doodle. [x]

I did this in about two minutes, and I’m way happier with it than with the last one I posted, which took me about 45 minutes. Heh. 


The Boy Who Cried Wolf, reimagined. Done on 8/1/14 by Rose Turner. 

Balloon alien. 

Lurking in a mandolin is a wisp of magic waiting to be heard, to be felt, to be alive. 

I’m too good at creepy selfies.