I Cut the Cake

This is a blog run by Rose D T dedicated to sharing the creative endeavors of her and her friends.
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The Boy Who Cried Wolf, reimagined. Done on 8/1/14 by Rose Turner. 

Balloon alien. 

Lurking in a mandolin is a wisp of magic waiting to be heard, to be felt, to be alive. 

I’m too good at creepy selfies. 

Stumbled upon an airshow.

"The cure for anything is salt water - tears, sweat, or the sea." -Isak Dinesen

Connections. Colors, light, shapes, people, ideas - life is about how all of those things connect; appreciating each of them individually and collectively and in different arrangements; discovering, enjoying, and sharing their stories. I’m still learning; I’m still in the first semester of this class called “The Human Experience”. But if I were to take the clep test, I would say that this is the meaning of life. 

Somewhere Beyond the Sea - a capella cover by Whimsical Extravaganza

"Oh, what a beautiful view if you were never aware of what was around you."

I was up late last night playing with prisms and glowsticks.